MACUL's Special Interest Group for the Web

MACUL’s Special Interest Group for the Web

The Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning (MACUL) is one of the largest non-profit organizations dedicated to technology in education in the nation. With 18,452 members and over 5,000 attendees at their annual conference every March, MACUL is a leader in helping teachers find effective ways to use technology within the classroom. MACUL helps to develop and strengthen partnerships at the corporate level, including Apple, Microsoft, and Google as well as maintain close ties to the Michigan Department of Education and other educational institutions in Michigan.

The Special Interest Group for the Web is a smaller group within MACUL that serves to highlight and provide opportunities for educators and students interested in wed design, management, and development here in Michigan. We are a group of people made up of teachers, administrators, technology directors, etc. The goal of SIGWEB is to help educators understand new tools and techniques that make publishing to the web democratic, and connect end-users and developers making development for the web more intuitive, and leveraging technology to make a web designer out of everyone.