Lunch at WordCamp this year will include themed groups which will allow everyone to connect with people who share similar interests. Each group will head to a different restaurant and will work to engage everyone who joins in topical, constructive discussions. We strongly encourage all attendees to choose a group and tag along. You do not need to RSVP. Simply locate the group leader and follow them to the lunch destination.

Mark Montague – Infrastructure Underlying WordPress Group

Destination: Slurping Turtle

Show up for this lunch group if you’d like to discuss how Linux, Apache, Nginx, MySQL, Postgres, CDNs, datacenters, networking, SSL/TLS or any other underlying infrastructure affects WordPress and your use of it.

Rebecca Gill – SEO Group

Destination: Au Bon Pain

Curious about how search engines and organic traffic can impact your business? Interested in talking with other folks who have had experience getting results in SERPs? This group is the right choice.

Ross Johnson – Frontend Developers Group

Destination: Knights Restaurant

Do you love Javascript and CSS? Are you learning or mastering the art of DOM manipulation? Do you care to rub elbows with other folks who geek out over CSS pre-processors, frameworks and generally making beautiful web pages? Ross will be bringing all of these folks together and you should join.

Justin Ferriman – Ecommerce Group

Destination: Bar Louie

If you’re looking to level up your online store, look no further. This lunch group will consist of folks who sell products online and want to talk about their experiences, successes, failures and challenges.

Kyle Maurer – Agency and Freelancers Group

Destination: Cottage Inn

This group will be focused on exchanging tips, tricks and trials with others who make a living building websites for clients. Topics may include things like pricing projects, finding clients, improving processes, closing deals, dealing with bad clients and much more.

Ben Cool – Performance Group

Destination: Pizza House

Performance is more important than ever on the web, with google using page load times as a search ranking tool and an ever growing impatience by web users: join us for a discussion on how to boost the performance of your WordPress site.

Andy Melichar – Managing a Remote Team Group

Destination: Pizza House

The people we work and collaborate with are more spread out now than ever. To put together a team of talented individuals you may have to cross states, time zones, countries – even continents. Join us for a conversation on how to best manage a remote team.

October 24th 2015 at the Michigan Union