Sara Cannon Speaker Interview

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Sara Cannon is Partner and Creative Director at Range, A WordPress Design & Development Agency. She loves design, typography, user experience, and art. Sara loves giving talks around the globe on web design, web typography, user experience and more. A seasoned designer, Sara has done work for clients such as Disney Publishing and Flickr. She loves open source, her pets, traveling, and WordPress.

Why do you use WordPress?

I use WordPress because it is secure, reliable, adaptable, and free. WordPress can fit anyone’s needs, large or small — from high traffic VIP clients, to local urban farms. WordPress isn’t just for small blogs — it is the backbone of large businesses, tight knit communities, web apps, and everything in between. Most importantly, WordPress is free and open source. Thanks to its license, the GPL, WordPress will remain free forever. The GPL allows you to build on the shoulders of others, granting you the freedom to reuse whatever you want, mold it, and publish it at your will.

WordPress can do anything. Not many platforms can say that and have the flexibility to scale and adapt. Some have proprietary code that you can’t touch and remake into your own. With WordPress you can remake and reuse — and you’re not alone. WordPress is a community: there are millions of people just like you sharing their code, ideas, and innovations.

When and how did you start using WordPress?

Back in 2007/2008 – I wanted to help a non profit get an manageable web presence and started with Joomla but it just was not cutting it – so I searched and found WordPress and have been hooked ever since! Little did I know at the time that this incredible platform will shape my shape career!

What would you tell someone to convince them to attend a WordCamp?

If not for the knowledge, come for the community!

What is your favorite part of WordCamps?

The Community of People. WordPress is an incredible open source project that brings all sorts of people together – from users to developers. I’m always meeting interesting and passionate people at WordCamps from all walks of life. It is very inspiring.

What advice do you have for anyone looking to start or grow a WordPress based business?

Grow slow and do great work – don’t cut corners. Let a passion for quality over quantity drive you to bigger and greater things.

Tell us something awesome about yourself that is not WordPress related.

I am an artist – I love painting and the constant process of creation. I love how making something physically with my hands adds to my design creativity and keeps me in balance with the digital world.

Name someone in the WordPress community who inspires you.

Helen Hou-Sandí – this woman does it all – she has incredible programming and leadership skills all while being a talented musician and incredible mother and wife.

How have WordCamps impacted you and your business in the past?

A WordCamp is where I first met my Business Partner – Pete Mall. The rest is history!

Fill in the blank for other attendees: “If you __________ then you should come talk to me at WordCamp”.

Love Typography

What should someone learn before attending your talk at WordCamp Ann Arbor?

You don’t need to learn anything, just come with an open mind about the process of learning, seeking, & doing. 🙂

What is your favorite WordPress related resource?

Where can we find you online?